12 Things I Learned While Traveling in Texas

12 Things I Learned While Traveling in Texas
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Texas Trip

Traveling in Texas was a whole new different experience for me. I crossed the Atlantic ocean for the first time, and my first Texas trip,  was full of  wondrous excitement for the adventure that was to come.   Burt Robertson once said, “ The more places I travel to the more I see, the more I learn, the less I know, and I love it!” 

Here are the 11 things I learned and experienced from this travel 🙂

Traveling in Texas


Importance of Travel Insurance

If you are traveling now without travel insurance, you better start getting one! Take it from me. Oftentimes, we think we are saving money for not paying extra for a travel insurance, especially if we have never needed it. But sometimes, just when you think you’re safe, that’s when something happens. 

While traveling in Texas, I realized the importance of having a travel insurance when my boyfriend caught a bad flu. We were shocked as to how expensive it was in the states when you get sick. Imagine for a flu, the bill went up to $5,000. We really thought it was insanely expensive for a flu. And after that, we highly recommend that everyone who travels, should invest in good travel insurance as part of their travel plans. Good thing everything including the medicines were covered by his insurance company, here in Norway. Otherwise, it would have been a huge financial disaster.

A little bit of geography in Texas

I learned that Texas is the second largest state in the US (by area), wherein the largest is Alaska. The city I visited was Little Elm near Dallas. I was looking forward to try out their beaches when I arrived, but I quickly found out that there was not one beach in Dallas. The closest one, was  in Corpus Christi, a 12 hr road trip, direction south Texas! Which, if you’re a Texan is just down the street. 😉 However,  they do have beautiful creeks and lakes. 😉

Traveling in Texas

Traveling in Texas

DFW Airport

I think you can live in DFW Airport, haha. They have everything you need, including children’s play area, and most of all it’s easy to connect to their free wifi. It’s bigger than I could imagine. DFW is the largest hub for American airlines, it is also the 3rd busiest airport in the world. On their website, you can check the daily flight status, both the departure and arrival. Did I mention free wifi!


If nobody’s  coming to pick you up in the airport, there are shuttle services available, it’s cheaper than taking a taxi or renting a car. 

Also, for non-US passport holders, there is another passport/visa control at the immigration and a short interview upon arrival, so expect a long queue before you finally enter the states.

Weather Conditions in Dallas (Dallas Weather)

In Texas, the weather is normally either too warm or too cold (actually, most of the time it is roaring hot!)  I was lucky to visit Texas in Spring time, the weather was perfect. It's only on spring and fall that we could experience a more or less normal weather conditions.

Visiting Texas


Folks are extremely friendly, welcoming and always greet you with big “howdy”, hello, ‘how are you?’, or ‘how’s it going?’ even though you just met them, haha. It just comes naturally to Texans, being polite is cultural mandate here. How nice!

Texas' biggest ranch fit for a King!

Apart from being famous for  horses and longhorn steers, Texas is also famous for having the biggest ranch in the states, and one of the largest in the world,  called the King Ranch. It can be found in the South of Texas. Unfortunately, I never got to visit that ranch, but instead I was able to visit Whispering Farms Equestrian Center, located in Prosper, TX. They have so many adorable horses, all of which were highly trained and well taken care of.  It was amazing to watch all the amazing riders, most of which were women.

Texas Trip

Visiting Texas

Traveling in Texas

Traveling in Texas Ranch

Where Land meets the Sky

I only heard about “big sky country” before in songs, and some fiction books, but I didn’t really know what it meant until I visited Texas. Although, it’s Montana that is nicknamed after “Big sky country”, I’m still inclined to think that Texas might be the  “bigger sky country”. An area with no mountains or even small hills,  it was literally just  flat land and “big sky”.

Traveling to Texas

Sundown in Texas

Whenever I travel, I notice that every place I visit have their own different amazing sunsets. When I got to Texas I was curious how  their sunset would look  with all these “flat land”. I was lucky to see this beautiful sunset while I was walking the dog in the neighborhood, it was beautiful but short, only to last for a few minutes.

Sunset in Texas

Public Transportation

Forget about using public transportation while traveling in Texas. As a life long public commuter  I always live in places where public transportation is always readily available. But in Texas, public commuting isn’t possible. You can’t go anywhere without a car.

Traveling in Texas

Enormous Shopping Malls

As what they say, everything's bigger in Texas. Indeed it is! If you love shopping, Dallas could be your shopping paradise. It is a home of many large shopping centers. There are unlimited options where to go, and most of all, the prices are affordable. If only I could take home everything with me, haha. Another plus is, some of the stores are open 24/7, how convenient is that!

Traveling in Texas

Photo by Galleria Dallas

Amazing Churches

Texas is a home of many christian believers. While traveling in Texas, I was able to visit St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, in Frisco. The church was modern and very welcoming. It was a great feeling attending a mass for the first time in an American way, with cool charismatic songs. It was really lively, and everyone was wearing their best Sunday dresses.

Amazing Church in Frisco, Texas

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Frisco, Texas

Cost of Living

I was astounded when I saw the gas prices below $2. Can you believe it? No wonder everybody is driving their cars like they have unlimited gas. 😉 You can have a good meal or lunch from $7-13. You can find a liter of milk below $1 and a pint of ice cream less than $5.


Traveling to Texas

Traveling to Texas

Tacos in Texas

They serve tacos for breakfast in Texas, and is one of the best tacos I’ve ever had. While traveling in Texas, I learned that their food is influenced from a vast range of cultural influences, among of which is Mexican cuisine. They have this called Tex-Mex, it is a combination of American taste and Mexican cuisine. I would say, the tacos restaurants or Tex-Mex are a must try, when traveling in Texas.

Tacos in Texas


Moon and Cloud

Finally, sitting by the window seat in the plane, going back home in Norway, I could see the moon feeling so close to me. It was my first time to actually see the moon both with the clouds underneath us and over us at the same time. I never thought that was even possible! I wasn’t able to capture the photo very well. But just imagine sitting in the place that has this kind of setting, the feeling was magical, and wow what a view!

Traveling in Texas

Moon Above the clouds by Wallpaper55

Those are the things I learned and experienced while traveling in Texas 😉

Thank you for reading this article and I hope you learn something from my trip in Texas! Been to Texas? Comment below if you want to share something from your experience 😉

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  • Hung Thai

    Very nice. I hope to learn as much when I go to Austin next month 🙂

    • Crizzy Kiss

      You will ;), specially if you stay with the locals. 😉

  • Robin Rue

    The only time I have ever been in Texas was for a layover in Dallas. I would LOVE to get back there to explore the city 🙂

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Yeah, you need more time in Dallas to make the most of it 😉

  • Laurie LaBrecque

    It’s interesting to hear from a travelers perspective. I used to live in Texas. They have decent public transportation in Austin.

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Thanks Laurie! It’s nice to hear that they have a decent public transpo in Austin. I would love to explore other parts of Texas too when I get the chance to go back there. 😉

  • Melody Pittman

    Everything is bigger and better in Texas. 😉 I’m headed there in May for my first time and cannot wait!

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Ahaha, love the bigger and better 😉 How exciting! Enjoy then 😉

  • I was born in Texas, but moved from there when I was five. I’d love to go back one day. Looks like you had quite a fun and eventful trip.

    • Crizzy Kiss

      It was many things goin on in that short trip, and we could have explore more if bf didn’t get sick..But it still ended up great because it gave me the opportunity to visit other states 😉

  • I’ve never been to Texas so it’s nice to know these things. I love their food though, especially the barbecue, that’s one of the reasons I want to go there! To devour their food, LOL!

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Oh you would love the food and barbeque there, for sure! Just make sure go to the right places, otherwise it may not meet your expectations, like one of the restaurants we visited.

  • Nicole Cochingco Escat

    So glad that you’ve learned while you’re traveling, that is great adventure.

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Thanks! It really was 😉


    all the tips you had were so helpful. You can actually just apply it to other travels and you are good to go. Thanks!

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Thanks! I’m so glad you find it helpful! 😉

  • texas is definitely one great place, good for you to visit texas and hoping i can do someday

    • Crizzy Kiss

      It is, I hope you can visit there too someday! 😉

  • To be truthful America has never been a country at the top of my travel list, I don’t know why but for some reason places like Asia appeal to me more. Having said that, I have always said if I ever visit the US I would love to spend some time in Texas; it is one of the few states that seems to appeal to me.

    • Crizzy Kiss

      I have friends here in Europe too who don’t have interest of going to the US, so I could understand you why..But good to know that you’re considering Texas 😉

  • Sounds excellent, although I might need to learn to drive a car before visiting !

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Exactly, unless, somebody will drive for you.. 😉

  • donnabeth

    Texas sounds amazing! I love that the cost of living there is cheaper compared to other states. I hope to go there someday!

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Yeah it is really cheaper..;) I was able to compare it when I got to Chicago and other parts of Illinois..

  • Amber Ily Lampi

    I love that photo of that moon above the clouds! So beautiful. I can’t say I’ve truly been to Texas. I’ve really only been to the Dallas and Huston airport, lol. I would love to visit though, plus I’m jealous of those gas prices. However, it can be super hot during the summer so maybe I’ll visit during the winter time.

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Thanks Amber! True true, the gas price is really unbelievable 😉 On winter, it can be super cold too! Haha. They really have extreme weather, so it’s recommended to visit there on the spring or fall. 😉

  • mail4rosey

    I have been to the airport, but only for a layover. It was huge, and everyone really had on cowboy hats. 🙂

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Yeah it is, I was actually suppose to include the cowboy hats here too but for some reasons I wasn’t able to do it. . 😉

  • Samantha Applewhaite

    Nice post! I visited Texas for a family reunion wayy back in 2005 I believe… in San Antonio. It was quite the experience. Coming from Canada, I was spotting out all the differences between America and Canada…and trying to imitate my cousin’s thick southern accent. Good times.

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Thanks Samantha! Speaking of accent, it reminds me back home in the Philippines that some islands speak the same language but the accents are different in every city, region or islands. It’s very interesting! 😉

  • Dhemz Apdian – Dias

    Texas is definitely a huge state…and I’m proud that I live here. You should try some BBQs and try to go to a rodeo.

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Yeah..We’re suppose to go to a rodeo, unfortunately, bf got sick so we didn’t have enough time to do it. I’ll certainly go, if ever I get the chance to visit Texas again. 😉

  • Wow, Texas is really unique. I’ve only been a few times but it seems like there is a ton to see!

    • Crizzy Kiss

      It really is. It’ll take some time to actually see the whole city, and how much more for the entire state.. 😉

  • Doran

    What a fun trip! That ranch looks beautiful and big.

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Thanks Doran! Yeah you’re right, the couple who owns it, did a really great job in there! 😉

  • Did you see any of the oil wells? I always thought they were pretty incredible. I loved the Texas BBQ food too – ribs and briskets. Glad you were ok with your insurance. the US is renowned for having the most expensive medical costs in the world. One should never ever travel without it.

  • Svetoslav Dimitrov

    Cris, amazing post and I fell in love with the moon picture! It is just surreal! What a marvellous view! I have heard of Tex-Mex, but I was not aware it came from Texas and Mexico. I would love to try it 🙂

  • wow am totally jealous I would love to visit Texas it would be a dream come true

  • Thats one of the reasons i love to travel….. you always learn things. I also cannot imagine going anywhere without public transport. For me its a must …. but obviously if everyone has a car then there is no demand for it, which is a pity.
    Yes travel insurance is a must especially in the USA.

  • I’ve always wanted to visit Texas, although mainly Austin as I’ve heard it’s the most laid back city there. Taco’s for breakfast as well, now you’re talking!!

  • CourtneyLynne Storms

    I was born in TX!!! Most of my family still lives there! Just love it there 🙂

  • I loved this post. I go to Texas at least once a year to visit family. It gets so hot there during the summers, that’s what I’ve learned lol.

  • Stephanie Pass

    I was born and raised in North Texas. I live a few miles away from Little Elm in Krum. It’s always really interesting to see how people experience the things I see and do every day. I hope you enjoyed your time here and the Tacos are delicious!

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Thank you for dropping by Stephanie! It’s so nice to know that you live near Little Elm, it was like a place that I never thought I could visit or wished to visit. But yes, I had a great time! 😉