Frankfurt City In Six Hours

Frankfurt City In Six Hours
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Layover in Frankfurt


One of the first things I do when booking for a trip, is to look for possibilities of “hitting two, if not three, birds with  one stone”.

Frankfurt Airport 

What I mean by this is, if I go to Austria for example, I might as well take the opportunity to visit Germany or Switzerland, or both.

In this way, I don’t have to plan a whole new trip when I can just book it as an add-on. This usually works well when it is a neighboring country or neighboring place to where I am visiting.

The “no no” and “yes yes” of last minute travel

With my recent trip to Paris, I had a few “no no(s)” and a few “yes yes(s)”. This was mainly due to my last minute decision to take this trip. Having only decided  to go the week before, I now only had 7 days to buy the ticket and plan my trip. Due to my procrastination and  indecision “to go or not to go” direct flights were now (of course) more expensive! While looking for the cheapest possible flights I could  decide between a 2 hour direct flight, or flights that included layovers. Both options had similar rates (but layovers are usually a little less).


Among the layover options were cities like : Copenhagen, Zurich, Berlin and Frankfurt. I really got excited when I saw the 6 hour flight layover in Frankfurt, because I was hoping I could see the city center for a couple of hours. Having been to Frankfurt airport four times, I never really had the chance to see the city center.

The timing was perfect because I have a good friend who is based in Frankfurt who gladly offered to show me around. Not only that, the weather was splendid and Frankfurt was preparing for the the 25th anniversary of German reunification (of the East and West), what more can I ask for!

The City Center

   Frankfurt Central Station 


 Directions to city center:

From the airport, take the subway down to the central station, takes about 15-20 minutes.


Transportation Cost :

Train is the fastest and the most economical way to go to the city center from the airport 4.55 €  for a single ticket-adult, 6.25 € for a day ticket- adult ( this let you enjoy unlimited ride to all public transportation in the city).  Otherwise, if you are traveling in a group (up to5), you can save money by buying a group day card which cost about 15€, isn't it amazing? To be updated with the rates and schedule information check here.  


German Lunch

Food Cost :

Food in Germany is cheaper compared to other european countries. You can have a good lunch or dinner for less than €12. Their famous beer is about €3-€4  in the restaurants and bars, while if you purchase in the grocery stores, can buy for about €1-€2 .

Beer in Frankfurt

Places Visited :

St. Bartholomew Cathedral


Dom St. Bartholomaus ( Cathedral of St. bartholomew) 

It is a Roman Catholic Gothic church, the most visited and the largest church in the city. It was built around the 14th and 15th century. Historically, it was a mark of national unity in the 19th century. Look at that gorgeous interior design of walls and ceiling.


 The Römerberg

             The Römerberg 

This is the famous central square of the old town wherein you can find the traditional infrastructure, city hall, good restaurants and souvenir shops. We actually had our german lunch in this area.


Eisener steg (Iron bridge)

This footbridge connects the central square to a residential area of Frankfurt. As the name implies, it’s made of iron steel 😉 It’s a great stroll over here that visitors shouldn’t miss. A perfect place to get a nice view of the city to enjoy and take pictures and as you walk down by the river, you’ll  find place to eat and drink. Along the bridge, you’ll see a lot of locks (or “lovelocks”) which I find it even more interesting.  Since people are no longer allowed to put lovelocks in Paris, you can do it here!

Items to bring: a lock and a lover 😉



The Iron Bridge


European Central Bank in Frankfurt

It is the largest financial center in europe and is one of the known landmarks in Frankfurt. It’s beautiful area wherein you can also see the skyscrapers. The place reminded me of Ayala Ave. in the Philippines, only that it’s more peaceful, less people and the air is fresh there.

European Central Bank

Alte Oper


Alte Oper (Old opera house)  

It’s a marvelous historical building with a great view from where it is situated. It’s near to a park, shopping (designer’s brands are in this area too) and  train station.

You see, all of these places I got to see for only about 3 hours in the city center. So if you happen to book a 5-6 hours layover in Frankfurt, don’t just stay in the airport, go out and enjoy this charming city.

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  • I wish all layovers were like this! Beautiful pictures, looks like you got to see quite a lot in a short time!

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Thanks Karina! Yes, I’d seen more than I thought I’d possibly see 😉 It’s some of those good stuffs we get to enjoy when traveling to most countries in europe.

  • Frank C Jones

    So few people really know how to embrace a long layover they way you do. These can be min-vacations if you use the time wisely. This post reminds me about a 19 hour layover I scheduled in London.

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Thanks! At least for 19 hour layover you can do a lot but it might include booking for a hotel too! Before I always thought it’s crazy when looking for trips and showed long hour layovers. Now, I look at it in a different way 😉 It simply means more adventures 😉

      • Frank C Jones

        I took advantage of an Airbnb rental and booked the guest bedroom of a couple that lives in Slough. From there, my wife and I took the train to Windsor and strolled around the castle. Unfortunately, we arrived in the late afternoon and continued our trip the next morning. This meant the castle was closed for tours, but we still had a chance to get a great meal, visit a few sights, and sleep in a real bed rather than sitting in an airports and planes the whole way. We were flying from Turkey to the USA and the London stopover broke up the trip very well. In addition, we saved more on our flight by booking the layover than we spent on the room, dining, and transportation – so it’s like the stopover was a free mini-vacation. *Another angle on this, which we considered but decided against, would be to arrive in London and spend the whole night running around the city before having breakfast at the airport and sleeping on the plane.

        • Crizzy Kiss

          Wow that’s very impressive! You truly knows how to travel smart 😉 The last time we traveled to the states we took the 13 hour flight from Norway to Amsterdam then to Dallas, it was perfect for somebody who doesn’t layovers 😉

  • Sarah

    I always get nervous leaving the airport during a layover in case I miss my flight. Sounds like you had a great day trip though.

    • Crizzy Kiss

      I’m the same too 😉 However, prior to my trip I already gathered info from my friend who is based in Frankfurt, plus she showed me around so it made my ‘mini trip’ worry free 😉

  • Jackie

    I didn’t know much about Frankfurt before reading this, but it definitely looks worth a visit!

    • Crizzy Kiss

      It is! And a day in Frankfurt is just good enough 😉

  • Thank you for the great guide.

    • Crizzy Kiss

      You’re welcome, I hope it helps 😉

  • Sonal Kwatra

    I also spent a day in Frankfurt 🙂 I loveeee the German beer 😀

  • never knew there could be a lot of things to do within 6 hours only to that place. Thanks for the awesome guide.