My Experience with The Royal Ascot Racecourse

My Experience with The Royal Ascot Racecourse
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Visiting England this year was on top of my bucket list, and lucky me I got to visit The Royal Ascot Racecourse.

England is a country with a long and colorful history, known for: It’s Royal family, cities, museums, universities, writers, poets, art and it's amazing canal systems, and ancient Roman bathhouses.

The Royal Ascot

When deciding on my trip to visit England, it had never really crossed my mind to go to the Royal ascot racecourse. Actually, to be honest I hadn't even heard of the of the Royal Ascot. At least not until my cousin, who was touring England, invited me to the join her on her Royal Ascot Racecourse adventure.

The Royal Ascot

What is The Royal Ascot Racecourse?

So what exactly is the Royal Ascot? (I am sure this question has been asked more than a few people visiting England).  My cousin told me, “It’s a horse racing event where you can see Queen Elizabeth and other celebrities”. Who wouldn’t want to see the Queen of England? Well, I sure did, and I was in!

The Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot Racecourse

It is also a week of Royal meetings, Royal fashion, elegance and of course, the fascinating experience of English old tradition of Royal Ascot attire, which includes the wearing of traditional feathers and hats.

The Royal Ascot RacecourseThe Royal Ascot Racecourse
Note: I have to be honest here, I had to google it, the Royal Ascot. According to Wiki, the Royal Ascot is one of the leading horse races that used thoroughbred horses and it's located in Ascot, England. And yes the Royal Ascot racecourse is attended by Queen Elizabeth and other members of the Royal family every year

Royal Ascot Racecourse

Visiting The Royal Ascot - Part of the journey is getting there

When I arrived in England the UK immigration in London asked me, “What is your purpose of visiting England? I answered, “To attend the Royal Ascot Racecourse of course”, then smiled.

The immigration woman asked me again, “Oh, so you love horses and horse races?”

I replied,”No not really!” (Now just realizing that they might just deny me from entering the UK territory based on my answers).

Then she asked, “Oh, so you just want to go for Royal Ascot attire it's all about fashion and hats”.

Her probing questions were  becoming direct. So I just answered, “Yes, well, I just want to experience wearing those feathers and hats and to look at your Queen”.

The women face burst into a great big smile. Giving back my passport she said, “Well I hope you have a great time and enjoy the Royal Ascot then!”.  I thought to myself, maybe not so many from this immigration would have the same answers as mine.

The Royal Ascot Racecourse

Now I was in and  England, The Queen and the Royal Ascot Racecourse  adventure awaited.

The Royal Ascot Racecourse

The Royal Castle - a little stop along the way to the Royal Ascot

There is nothing more exciting than knowing that we would stop at the Windsor Castle on the way to the Royal Ascot. The Windsor Castle visit was not really on my itinerary, but the opportunity was there, so we took it. What an extravagant opportunity it was!

Royal Ascot Racecourse

We didn’t get the chance to go inside for the lack of time, but it was great enough to see this grand castle which is rich in history, it’s marvelous architecture, and also the fact that it’s one of the Queen’s residences in England. Visiting Windsor just made sense since we were on our way to meet the Queen anyway.  (It was truly the largest castle I had ever seen.)

Royal Ascot Racecourse

Wearing the Royal Ascot attire, some people were staring at us especially the tourists of the Windsor Castle. We met some Filipinos too who are based in Australia and took pictures together with us.

Royal Ascot Racecourse

Royal Ascot Racecourse

What to wear for the Royal Ascot

As a first timer at the Royal Ascot, I couldn’t help but get enchanted by the Royal Ascot Attire. It is compulsory to wear traditional dress codes with hats and feathers at the Royal Ascot. By just wearing our outfits with the feathers, me and my cousin were already having lots of fun!

When we arrived, it was pouring rain and was one the wettest day of the Royal ascot in the history, according to the locals. I wished we were able to take a picture of us under our umbrellas while walking in the rain.

The Royal Ascot

Photo Credit:

The people were in all their best Royal Ascot attire. They walked proudly and undeterred in the rain and mud to get to their places and on time.  The Royal Ascot racecourse is an important day in England, so dressing one's best is a must, even when the weather is at its worst.

Royal Ascot Racecourse

Photo Credit : AndrewBoyers/

Since we went on the Day 1 of the Royal Ascot, we were lucky to be able to witness the grandiose arrival of the Queen Elizabeth II, and guess what, the rain stopped!

Royal Ascot attire for women and men

The Royal Ascot attire for women should be at least not too short and should have straps on the top. No showing off of bare shoulders. So, dress decently with a touch of elegance. The Royal Ascot attire  for men includes a top hat and black or grey morning dress.

Royal Ascot Racecourse

Tip:  If you buy your Royal Ascot attire in the UK especially the ones from popular designers, there is a high chance that somebody will be wearing the same dress at the Royal Ascot.  Just to give you an idea based on what I saw. 😉

Royal Ascot Racecourse

The Royal family and other important guests at the Royal Ascot

The Royal Ascot isn’t complete without the presence of the Queen Elizabeth II and other members of the British Royal family. On the day one, Prince Harry, Princess Beatrice, Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall, Zara Tindall, Duke of Edinburgh, the Lord Vestey and the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.

The Royal Ascot

Photo Credit: Ken Gott

What was really funny about going to Royal Ascot racecourse is that you’ll meet some celebrities or Royal family without knowing that you had met or seen them.

Well, this is true at least for me, since I’m not familiar with all the British Royal family and celebrities, I just got amazed after reading in some papers that there were some special people. One of the group of celebrities that we spotted was the Tootsie Rollers, they’re famous for their vintage style and music.

The Royal Ascot

The Tootsie Rollers

The Amazing Locals

During our conversation with the locals who had been to the Royal Ascot a few times, they said that going to the Royal Ascot racecourse is addicting. The first time they attended themselves  was just for the experience, but since then, they had  returned to the Royal Ascot every year since.

The Royal Ascot Racecourse

Well, they’re probably right. I myself just went there for the sake of experience, but if there’s a chance for me to come back sometime soon, I’ll definitely will.

As soon as we left the Royal Ascot racecourse, me and my cousin were already been talking about going back next year, we certainly had a great time despite the heavy rains.

Have you been to the Royal Ascot racecourse before? If you have a chance to attend the Royal Ascot, will you go? Why not? We'd love you hear your answers in the comment below. 

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  • knut

    Sign me up… what a great story… I would love to go!

  • BuildYourOwnEmpire

    Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who hasn’t heard about Royal Ascot 😀 I think I would really feel out of place

    • Crizzy Kiss

      That was what I thought too, but when we got there we never felt out of place, so I’m sure you won’t as well. 😉

  • What a wonderful day out, you look gorgeous in your outfits.

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Thanks, Nayna! 😉

  • chubskulit

    Ha, I wish I could visit England right now. It would be a blast! You guys look gorgeous!

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Do visit England when you can! Thank you! 😉

  • Barbara Chapman

    Your headband looks so cute. I love it. Looks like you had lots of fun too.

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Thank you! Yeah, by just wearing those headbands (feathers), we already had some fun! 😉

  • Welcome to England, glad you had a good time at the Ascot, you all looked lovely xxx

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Thanks Ana, we certainly had a great time! 😉

  • Eugenia Nazarova

    What a great event you had! I’d love to go there one day when I come to England! It’s so exciting you were able to visit the Queen and other members of the British Royal family!

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Thanks! It was overwhelming. When you visit England around June, check the Royal Ascot week schedule so you won’t miss out. 😉

  • Jessica Cassidy

    Wow! You rocking that outfit and hat real well. You look gorgeous too. England is still one of my bucket list. You looked like you had a blast and a wonderful time of your life. Thank you for sharing your amazing adventure with us.

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Thank you Jessica! My pleasure to share my experience! 😉

  • I know it’s a great event, but I haven’t been there actually. It’s a great occasion to dress up for, although it wouldn’t be real without a bit of rain, right ;))

  • Melisa Centino Sanchez

    wow! I love horse racing, I love this event I would love this If I will there also… Oh I like your hair dress 🙂 so cute sis.

  • What a great experience. I know horse racing is big in the UK. I hope I get to experience it too someday.

  • Pal Pradeep

    Wow! You looked superb. Here are a few more suggestion ‘where to stay suggestions’ for Royal Ascot 2017-

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Thanks, and thank you for dropping by Pal! Will check on this, didn’t realize that Royal Ascot 2017 is coming up soon. 😉