Top 12 Free Things To Do In Oslo

Top 12 Free Things To Do In Oslo
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Oslo, Norway

Oslo city, as one of the most expensive cities in the world,  absolutely offers many awesome attractions to see and things to do for FREE!

Many tourists have avoided coming to this amazing fjord city, for many of the same reasons, it’s a very expensive city. So I decided to write this article to give a little insight of all the awesome things you can experience here in Oslo, for free (or almost free).

Whether you come to Oslo for a holiday, as a side trip, layover or if you’re only staying in Oslo for day or two, this guide will definitely come in handy.  Plus, I will be giving away 20 CityWalk apps (that is a total must-have for the busy budget traveler)  at the end of this article, so, stay tuned! 😉

The green city

Oslo, the capital city of Norway is striving to become one of the greenest capital cities in Europe. Some of the ways they are trying to achieve are through collective city-wide mandatory recycling, highly efficient public transportation, and incentives for electric car owners.

Museums in Oslo

Ever heard of the  Nobel Peace Prize or the Vikings or the  Kontiki?  Yes, we have it here, and many other museums of your interests. These are some of the most visited attractions in Oslo.

On top of being a city with a population that prides itself on sustainability, Oslo has some really unique and interesting things to see. Such as museums, parks, Oslo fjords and just a great city to walk. 

So let’s get this going!

Here’s the top 10 free things to see and do in Oslo city :


I love the location of this park, for it is overlooking the city of Oslo.  It is a sculpture and national heritage park, with many impressive international collections of arts around it. The view is just stunning and relaxing at the same.

Ekebergparken, Oslo

Ekebergparken, Oslo



Oslo City Museum

As its name implies, it is the city’s museum that showcases the history of the city, through its huge library of valuable photos, paintings and other artworks.



Oslo City Museum 

Frogner Park and the Vigeland Sculpture Park

Frogner Park is only about 5 minutes walk from Oslo city museum and is open to the public at all times. It is the largest park in the city and is really well kept. It has ponds, impressive fountains, beautiful flowers, old majestic trees that surround the park with lash greens during the summer and brilliant colors during the autumn season. Vigeland Oslo

Expect the place to be jam-packed during the summer, as everyone is desperate for the sun after a long long winter in Norway.

Frogner Oslo

Frogner Park, Oslo

Free Things to do in Oslo - Vigeland Sculpture

Vigeland Sculpture Park



At the very heart of it, lies the world famous Vigeland Sculptures, that you don’t wanna miss. Unbelievably, these extraordinary unique and weird looking sculptures were created by, Gustav Vigeland from 1869-1943.

It is considered as the world's largest sculpture park that is created by only one person.

Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo


Vigeland, Oslo

Did I say, extraordinary unique and weird looking sculptures?! 😉

Royal palace Park, Oslo


The Royal Palace Park

Wander around the huge grandiose park of the royal palace. Here you will enjoy the magnificent landscape, trees, statues and royal ponds.



Another popular thing that most visitors do in the Royal Palace Park, is taking pictures with the walking guards. Changing of guards is every day at around 1:30 pm.

You can also go inside of course, but it includes some fees and early reservation prior to your visit.

Free Things to do in Oslo


Stroll in Karl Johan

Karl Johann's gate, Oslo City




It is Oslo city’s main street that takes you to most tourist attractions. From the central station, this street connects you all the way to the Royal Palace.

It is like Oslo’s ‘Champs Elysees’, so it’s a great place to people watch and window shop, as it showcases small boutiques of designers' brands and Scandinavian stores, bars and restaurants.

Free Things to do in Oslo

View of Karl Johan's gate, from the Royal Palace.


On top of those attractions that I already mentioned above, Karl Johan brings you too to other tourist sites, such as; the famous National Theatre; the Ice Skating rink in winter and it's a pond (Spikersuppa) during the summer;  the old University of Oslo; Akershus Castle; the Rådhus or city hall where the Nobel peace is delivered; Stortinget- Norway's parliament building; Oslo Cathedral; and the most photograph Tiger of Oslo by visitors before entering the Central station.



Wander through Aker Brygge Wharf

Oslo City

View of the Aker Brygge from the Akershus Fortress fjord during the summer days.

Aker Brygge is a home of nice boats, fine dining, bars and restaurants, and some shopping and modern apartments in Oslo. You can enjoy strolling around this enormous fascinating area, down to the end of the port. It’s the best place to people watch, watch the boats come and go or watch the amazing sunrise or sunset.


Aker Brygge, Oslo

Akershus Fortress 
Akershus Fortress, Oslo                                     

It’s another awesome place to explore the city’s history, and the entrance is free.  It is a medieval fortress built in 1299 and was renovated since 1899.

The location is perfect for sightseeing, as it stands right on the fjord the middle of the city, to the left facing the seaport and Aker Brygge, and down to the right are cafes, restaurants, and shopping.




Go to the Norwegian National Opera House

Norwegian National Opera House, Oslo City


It is one of the most amazing opera house I’ve ever seen. It is free to take a snoop inside and go around outside the opera. You will enjoy the beautiful location right at the harbor, the architecture of both inside and outside are so unique and fascinating.

Relaxing in the Botanical Garden

One should not miss this garden when visiting Oslo. It’s an ideal place to relax and go for a walk through 1800 plants of various kinds. These collections are from different parts of the world. How they arranged the plants from different plant families, are very impressive. On top of the beautiful landscapes are some remarkable sculptures around the park.

Oslo Botanical Garden



During the summer, many locals go swimming, sunbathing or picnicking by the beach of Bygdøy. You have an option to either be in the nudist area or in the ordinary beach.  It is a home of world-renowned museums like the Viking Ship Museum, the Kontiki Museum, the Norwegian Maritime Museum, Norwegian Museum of Cultural History (Norsk Folkemuseum). 

Bygdøy, Oslo

Bygdøy is about a 10 min bus ride from practically anywhere in the city. For those of you who want a different experience getting there using public transportation, you can take a water taxi from Aker Brygge, the pier located in the town center. 

A part of this peninsula is the Kings’ official summer residence which is called Bygdøy Royal Estate.

Free Things to do in Oslo - Bygdøy Forest, Oslo

Bygdøy Forest

Visit the Holmenkollen National Ski Arena

Ski is very Norwegian, so Holmenkollen National Ski Arena is a must-see attraction.

It hosted the Winter Olympics in 1952. It is free to go around the arena but the ski museum comes with an entrance fee. It is the world’s oldest ski museum, that shows the 400 years of skiing history.

Holmenkollen Ski Arena, Oslo

Sognsvann, Oslo

Nature walk in Sognsvann

I regard it as a lake for all season. It is only about 20 minutes metro ride on the outskirts of Oslo.

Sognsvann is a popular and easy place for city dwellers to get to. During the summer or autumn days, you can do jogging, walking, picnicking, camping, bathing or fishing. While it is also a perfect place for snow fun like cross-country skiing and skating during the long cold dark winter months.

Sognsvann Park, OsloSognsvann during summer.

Sognsvann, OsloSognsvann during winter.



If you’re a resident in Norway, whether you hold a temporary or permanent residence permit, there are free Oslo passes that are given away every year on April.

This is for everyone to see and experience the museums and the attractions of their very own city for free.

In this way, we can be good ambassadors to our visitors. Isn't it cool?!

The event is called, “Tourist in your own city”, and this year will be on 17 April 2016. It also offers free use of all public transportation in Oslo. So, guys, you know what to do, see you then! 😉



To the right is the Oslo city hall (Rådhuset) where you can get the Free Oslo pass.

It opens at 9am, so come early to get ahead of the queue. 😉

Free things to do in Oslo

Oslo City Hall (Rådhuset)


Thank for reading this article! Please share if you like it. If you know other free awesome things to do in Oslo, let us know by commenting here. 😉  And read more below, to win a self-guided city walks app for your trip in Oslo or any cities in the world.

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Walking tour app, Oslo


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Good luck! Please feel free to share this with your friends and family.

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  • What a great informative post on Oslo. It looks like a fabulous place to visit. Definitely one for my bucket list!! Di xx

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Thanks Diana! I hope it’ll help you when you get to visit Oslo 😉

  • Marta Nightingale

    OMG, I absolutely love the Vigeland Sculptures! And all the other tips, so helpful – I love travel advice from locals, all those who have been living in a place for some time. Thank you for sharing!

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Glad that you found them helpful! Thanks for dropping by Marta! 😉

  • Girl Unspotted

    You know I was just telling my husband how I really want to live in Norway for a year or two. But his sensitivity to cold might not make that happen 🙁

    • Crizzy Kiss

      That I can understand if he doesn’t like the cold. But who knows, he might change his mind 😉 If not then, just plan a visit trip to Norway 😉

  • This is very helpful, especially since Norway’s a bit expensive to travel to. #bookmarked 🙂

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      Thanks! 😉

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      That’s great to know! I hope you’ll make it here too 😉

  • Teacaketravels

    There’s nothing better than seeing a place and seeing it for free! I’m a firm believer in walking around a city to really experience it for how it truly is and you’ve got some great ideas listed here. I love local parks the most and would love to take a stroll in The Royal Palace

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Definitely, who doesn’t like free stuff, right?! Oslo city is a perfect place for walking and it’s easy to get around. Otherwise, the city has also great public transpo..;)

  • Eam Ayeltac Rekcelk

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  • 99 lives

    It seems like there is a lot do to in Oslo! I love that apparently there are many parks… and the lake on the outskirts!:) You can easily get in touch with nature despite the fact that you are living in a big city. And that’s always great! I liked your photos a lot! Greetings from 99 lives!

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Thank you 99 lives! Yes, that’s exactly what I love about this city, being close to nature 😉

  • So many beautiful parks and gardens, and I’d love to visit Bygdoy and the beach (though perhaps not the nudist section!). Good to know that Oslo isn’t all about spending lots of money, which is how we (me included!) have often viewed it!

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Yeah, exactly! 😉 There are so many ways to enjoy the city without paying for everything. When you’re visiting the museums in Bygdøy, the beach is only a few minutes walk..;)

  • Svetoslav Dimitrov

    Very nice guide of Oslo. I have been scared of its expensiveness, yes! I have heard so many stories! But it looks beautiful, especially the parks and the museum gardens! Great!

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Thank you! Yes, it really is 😉 It’s well worth it!

  • Alana Margaret

    Gorgeous parks! Park walks are definitely some of my favorite parts of any city.

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Yeah, right?! Thanks Alana!;)

  • Cali_Babe21

    This is a great list! Oslo have never been on my travel bucket list, because it’s so so expensive.

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      Thanks! Sometimes, the best things are the ones that aren’t in our bucket list 😉

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      Stop thinking, come to Oslo 😉

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      You’re welcome @VisitOSLO many are talking about Oslo as an expensive city, so we give them alternatives.. 😉 Thanks for dropping by!