Top 20 World’s Most Secret Islands

Top 20 World’s Most Secret Islands
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The Secret Islands Around the World

Have you ever fantasized about traveling to secret islands?  Perhaps a place with long windy beaches lined with palm trees, stretching as far as the eyes can see. Your footprints trailing you in the sand, while you stop and look out at the crystal clear blue water surrounding your secret paradise.

Most would agree that going to popular places is great, fun and simply awesome. But finding those hidden island getaways can be incomparable. There’s no better feeling than having a secret island mostly to yourself. Not worrying about competing with other travelers, just enjoying your secluded hidden island spots, while you enjoy and relax the days away.

As we wander around the globe, some still have those hidden paradises and secluded secret islands they tend to keep to themselves. They know them, but not everyone knows that they know about them, because after all, it is still very much a hidden secret. But as much as we wanted to keep it secret, no secret lasts forever. So we are going to share 20 of the best secret islands and hidden paradises with you.

  1. St. Mary's Island, India  - IMVoyager

Exotic islands have always held a strange fascination for us, and one such remote island which is relatively unknown and unspoiled is St.Mary's Island situated in the Arabian sea off the coast of Malpe, a small seaside town of Southern India.The island is uninhabited and one needs to travel a good 30 minutes by boat to reach here. This secret paradise is an oasis of peace and serenity where one can spend hours just sitting on the white sands and gazing at the blue sea as gentle waves beat a rhapsody on your feet and swaying palms fan a gentle breeze.

Secret Islands

Photo credit : IMVoyager

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  1. Ofu Island, American Samoa  -   X Days in Y

Way out in the South Pacific Ocean, the remote Ofu Island in already remote American Samoa is one of the world's best kept secrets. Perhaps it's because it's just so difficult to get there! The lucky few who do will get to have one of the prettiest beaches in the world all to themselves and witness tropical nature at its absolute best. 

Secret Islands

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  1. Secret Island,  Antartica - The Gap Year Escape

"This secret island is a little hard to get to in Antarctica. During an expedition from Argentina, we took a zodiac to a tiny island to camp overnight. There're no tents, you just dig a hole with a shovel, get in your thermal sleeping bag and go to sleep. Penguin teddy optional."

Secret Islands

Photo credit: The Gap Year Escape

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4. Canigao Island, Philippines - Crizzy Kiss (Me)

The Philippines have some of the most beautiful islands in the world. Canigao island paradise is one of the secret islands that tops my list. An uninhabited islet that is hidden away in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by pure untouched nature. 

Secret Islands

  1. Calaqai, Fiji -  Feathery Travels

If you’re visiting Fiji on a budget, but want to escape the well-trodden, island-hopping backpacker trail, Caqalai (pronounced thang-a-lay) is a perfect alternative. This tiny secret island, situated just below Ovalau, has the relaxed feel of a tropical paradise without the hype. During my week long stay, I spent the majority of my time face down, exploring the coral reef which thrives a few meters offshore. The nearby Snake Island is accessible at low tide and you can take the rest of the morning snorkelling back over spotted reef sharks, turtles, stingray, thousands of fish and occasionally avoiding the rather menacing looking stripy sea snakes which give the smaller island its name.

Secret Islands

Photo credit: Feathery Travels

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6. Nosy Be Island, Northern Madagascar - The Lost Girl’s Guide to Finding the World

An hour by boat southwest of Nosy Be Island in Northern Madagascar is one of the prettiest secret islands I’ve visited around the world. Nosy Iranja is actually a single island split into two as the tide rises, covering the connecting sandbar. It’s also an important breeding site for hawksbill turtles.

Secret Islands

Photo credit: The Lost Girls' Guide

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7. San Blas Islands, Panama -  Gamin Traveler

San Blas Islands are 378 islands and most of them have no inhabitants. These island people are known as the for Kuna, Cuna or Guna. I visited the islands on my way from Panama to Colombia. We were sailing around the secret islands for a few days.

This was one of the most amazing things I did during my trip there. There's so much beauty to see - amazing beaches, white sand, clear blue waters, starfishes. There are so many plans to do. You can go for kayaking, snorkeling, and swimming. You can also read on hammocks and even do barbecues. The best thing in San Blas island is that hostels and hotels are not allowed, so it's definitely a real local experience. Go and enjoy this paradise!

Secret Islands

Photo credit: Gamin Traveler

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8. Tenerife, Spain - Svet Dimitrov

The photo represents a Rosetta Stone - a stone in the form of a rose - which was formed by melting lava and then running water over it - for hundreds and thousands of years.

Secret Islands

Photo credit: Svet Dimitrov

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9. The Tapiutan Island, Philippines - Karolina and Patryk

Tapiutan is a heartbreakingly beautiful island in El Nido. It looks like it was a heaven on Earth. We loved everything about it, especially an amazing coral reef and the sea life!

Secret Islands

Photo credit: Karolina&Patryk

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10. Savai'i Island, Samoa -  Independent Couple

Savai'i Island in Samoa is a hidden gem among Polynesian pacific islands. Why hidden? Because it's tourism is still developing and therefore, you can easily find private space just for yourself. Samoan beaches are according to one travel guide book one of the most beautiful ones of all pacific islands, and with palms bent over them, papayas, mangoes, coconuts and sweet little bananas at the reach of a hand almost everywhere, it makes a wonderful secret paradise.


A photo is taken at Manase Beach at Savai'i Island. Photo credit: Independent Couple

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11. Fam Islands, Indonesia - Dan Flying Solo

The Fam Islands in Raja Ampat are not somewhere you pop for the weekend. Think two flights, one ferry, and two boats from Bali then bang, a short 18 hours later you arrive into true Paradise. Raja Ampat is in eastern Indonesia set off the coast of West Papua.

Forget phone signal and even accommodation on the Fam Islands themselves but what you will find is one of the most remote hidden paradises in the world, the most bio-diverse underwater life for scuba diving and one of the most beautiful, breathtaking and untouched views you will ever witness. Do you want off the beaten path? You’ve found it!

Secret Islands

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12. Glover's Atoll, Belize - Best Regards from Far

Glover's Atoll is a small island 70 km from the coast of Sittee River, Belize. Set in the Marine Reserve of this World Heritage site (the 2nd largest reef in the world), fish, sharks, rays, lobsters and other sea creatures are not afraid of human beings and can be observed from your private dock or while snorkeling or diving. The secret island has no roads and no electricity and throws you back to your roots. It is the ultimate Robinson experience while sipping coconut milk watching the sunset.

Secret Islands

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13. Long Beach, Malaysia - Vickeblueyes

One of my favourite secret islands in the world is Long Beach in the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia. Forget the well-trodden shores of Thailand, or the fashionable islands of Cambodia, or even the expensive and the luxurious Caribbean, Long Beach is one of the most beautiful islands I have ever visited. Known for its abundance of tropical sea life, the Perhentian Islands are one of the nicest dive spots in the world. The island is small enough to cross paths with friends but big enough to trek amidst the jungle and explore. Although it doesn't have the dense foliage and humongous lizards which islands in its neighbour Borneo offers, it's distance from the mainland brings a solitude many find hard to find, and the parties are the perfect antidote. Spend nights dancing under the stars with locals and days getting sunburnt floating in the sea.

Secret Islands

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14. Catalina Island, Dominican Republic - Ginger on the Go

Most people have heard of Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic, but if you're looking for something a little more peaceful, you'll need to head an hour south to a small island off the coast of La Romana. Catalina Island is an uninhabited gem with white sand beaches, clear water, stunning reefs and marine life, and a shipwreck! This secret island makes the perfect day trip for vacationers seeking the most pristine settings to sip their Caribbean rum punch.

Top Secret Islands

Photo credit: Ginger on the Go

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15. Faial Island, Azores, Portugal -  RoarLoud

During our trip to the Azores, we fell in love with the island of Faial.  Faial offers an amazing lush landscape still being transformed by a volcanic eruption that happened in 1957.  With the rich blends of culture, natural beauty, and amazing culinary cuisine, Faial was truly a secret paradise with something for everyone.

Top Secret Islands

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16. Moreton Island, Queensland, Australia - Migrating Miss

Moreton Island is located off the coast of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia and it makes for a great day trip or a place to stay for all kinds of travellers with camping areas and a luxury resort. A number of ships were deliberately wrecked just off the shore and they now form a great diving and snorkelling site, within swimming distance of the beach. The secret paradise can be explored by 4WD or walking, and there are huge sand dunes to climb and take in the view. Don’t miss this hidden gem off the coast of Brisbane! 
Secret Islands

Photo credit: Migrating Miss

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17. Bonaire (Southern Caribean) , Netherlands - Ze Wandering Frogs

Less known than its Caribbean neighbors Aruba and Curacao, Bonaire is a perfect paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. We loved diving in the pristine Bonaire Marine Park, kitesurfed the constant winds of the white sandy Atlantis Beach, and hiked with iguanas along the arid trails of Washington-Slagbaai National Park. Other options include kayaking and horseback riding through the mangroves of the turquoise Lac Bay lagoon, or watching pink flamingos at the Pekelmeer Flamingo Sanctuary. The Spanish and Dutch influences of Bonaire’s past can be discovered by visiting the Slave Huts, the Salt Ponds, and old Rincon. We really enjoyed our stay in one of the best secret islands, a mix of daily activities and relaxing moments, Caribbean-style.

Top Secret Islands

Kiteboarding the turquoise water of Atlantis Beach. Photo credit: Ze Wandering Frogs

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18. Weh island, Aceh, Indonesia - Bound 2 Explore

Located in Aceh province, Indonesia, the Weh island can be easily accessed by 45 minutes fast ferry  ride from banda Aceh, the capital of Aceh province. This active volcanic little island is famous for its black Sandy beach, white Sandy beach, Pria Laot waterfalls, Aneuk Laot lake and underwater ecosystems. The beautiful underwater ecosystems make Weh island as a popular diving destination. If you are into water sports or just love the beach in general, then this one of the most secret islands should definitely  be on your bucket list. Keep in mind that there's no public transportation  on this island, so rent the car or scooter if you want to venture out. Hope you have adventurous time in Weh island!

Secret Islands

Photo credit: Nurjanah Husien

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19. Kadavu Island, Fiji -  Bucket List Travel Club 

Kadavu Island lies 102 kilometers south of Suva, Vita Levu, Fiji, and can only be accessed by small plane or boat. Although not known to many, it offers fantastic snorkeling and diving along the Great Astrolabe Reef. It's one of those secret islands that has beautiful beaches and opportunities for wonderful nature hikes and cultural adventure.

Top Secret Islands

The residents of Nalotu Village on Kadavu Island, Fiji, welcomed us with joyous song and gorgeous handmade flower leis. Image Credit: Greg Todd

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  1. Skåtøy Islets, Kragerø, Norway - Crizzy Kiss (Me)

Skåtøy island, as the largest island in Kragerø, has several islets around it. Many locals build their summer houses in the island and in those islets. Some people have the islets all by themselves, isn’t that amazing?  These remain as secret islands to many Norwegians, a perfect hideaway to enjoy and relax the summer days. Kragerø is an ideal place to enjoy watching and experience fabulous boats too, and where boat taxis are everywhere.

Secret Islands

Do you have a favorite secret paradise? Tell us about it in the comment section below. Thank you for reading!

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Secret Islands

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