Tulips in Keukenhof Holland

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Tulips in Keukenhof


Tulips in Keukenhof

Tulips in Keukenhof, Holland

I finally get to see the tulips in Keukenhof, Holland! Dreams do come true.

For those people I knew who grew up in Europe or other countries where tulip gardens are everywhere on spring time, they thought I was crazy. Having grown up in the tropics, we only see the Netherland tulips in the high-end flower shops, in the magazines or movies, therefore, we find it really something special.   If you are planning your trip next year to the Netherlands, don't miss the chance to visit the flowers and tulips in Keukenhof! Although I was already seeing tulips when I got to Norway and other parts of Europe, the tulips in Keukenhof still never failed to amaze me when I got to see it. Just imagine yourself standing in the middle of  approximately 7 million flowers surrounding you, it felt surreal. The Keukenhof flower gardens are simply breathtakingly beautiful!

How to get to Keukehof from Amterdam?

There are many ways to get there : taxi, bus, train, hotel shuttles. But for me the most economical and fastest way is by train, plus you don't have to think about the traffic. Take the train from Amsterdam Central Station to Schiphol International Airport and vise versa.

Cost of Train : Adult ( One Way)- € 9.00

                                 (Round Trip)- € 13.50   

                Child (0-11) (One Way)- € 5.00

                       (0-11) (Round Trip)- € 7.00

Then from Schiphol International Airport, you can either buy the ticket from there or buy it through their  ticket website if you want to skip the line. So you can take the bus service (bus 858) from the Schiphol to Keukenhof. 

Entrance ticket to Keukenhof: Adult- €16.00, and Children (4-11)- €8.00. 

Tulips in Keukenhofkeukenhof2

For more info about the admission, park and events, click here. It took us about 2 hours to walk around the park that already includes taking pictures. And since Keukenhof is one of the world's most visited park, expect a crowd of people everywhere. I had a hard time taking pictures without other people in the background. If you want to take great photos, it's better to come early like as soon as the park opens, it wouldn't be that crowded yet, plus your pictures will have more vibrant colors than when taken during the peak of the day (sun) 😉

Conclusively, timing is  highly important for me when visiting this flower park in Holland. You don't want to go there when the bulbs are still closed with lots of leaves. I would be disappointed too when I go there and the tulips and flowers in Holland aren't at its peak yet. Timing is something we need to consider and research as much as we can before going when you have the option of course as to make the most of it. Usually, the peak would be in the middle of  April or about after 2-3 weeks from the opening of Keukenhof flower park in Holland. If you miss the peak of tulips in Keukenhof, don't worry, during the late season they have other flower garden exhibits and the showcase of dahlias, lilies, and other flowers.

Tulips in Keukenhof

Tulips in Keukenhof

Tulips in Keukenhof Holland

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  • We visited Keukenhof many years ago when our boys were young. It was just magical – something everyone should do just once.

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Yes, I agree! It’s definitely a place for everyone 😉

  • Shobha George

    This looks so lovely, like a postcard!

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Thanks! A breathing postcard! 😉

  • Dannielle

    I need to go to Holland in summer time to see this!

    • Crizzy Kiss

      You absolutely should! 😉

  • Lena

    Tulips are my favorite flowers, sounds like a place for me to be 🙂

    • Crizzy Kiss

      I agree! It’ll be a perfect place for you 😉 It’s extraordinary 😉

  • Christine Messina

    I am so jealous!!! I just missed this last year. so pretty.

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Ohh sad to hear 🙁 On the brighter side, you have a good reason now to go back 😉

  • Seeing the tulips in Holland is definitely on my bucket list. There is a city in Michigan (where I am from) called Holland, and they try to replicate this and hold a Tulip Festival every year!

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Wow, that’s interesting to know! 😉 Then, you can compare this when you visit Holland;)

  • These are some beautiful photo captures of the tulips. Thanks for sharing your experience. Have a great day 😉