Winter Season in Norway

Winter Season in Norway
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What it's like during winter season in Norway?

Every winter season in Norway, after the long dark days, when the snow melts and the sun shines during the first week of March, everybody thinks that winter is finally over. But then this wishful communal thought is usually proved wrong, especially when living in Norway.

Winter in NorwayHowever, I am always amazed by the people that live here. They surely know how to enjoy the winter season in Norway. So, I wanna share to you what my awesome friends do from the different parts of Norway on snowy frozen winter days. 😉

Winter Adventure

Debbie E (Longyearbyen, Svalbard)

This winter season in Norway, I explored the North Pole, the town of Sta. Claus in Longyearbyen. I must say, it was a very unique and a different experience! An excursion to the glacial ice caves and driving the snowmobile was just so incredible and fantastic adventure.

Winter  in Norway

(blue woman crew)

Kirsten (Trysil)

We go to the mountain on the weekends, and ski together with my family! It’s a perfect family getaway and be out of town for awhile.

Winter Season in Norway

(family skiing together)

Ida and Noel (Stavtjørn Alpine, Stavanger)

Spending some time with good friends and family while on a winter adventure at the slopes during the winter season in Norway is great!

Winter season in Norway

(ready to rock and snowboard)

Winter Season in Norway

(winter wonderland adventure)




Anne M and Rosemari (Volda)

During the winter season in Norway, it's a time for snowboarding, skiing or just plain snow fun! Slalom(Alpine) skiing and snowboarding in the Ski Center in Volda.

Winter Norway

(ready to board, now where is that snow?)

Winter in Norway

Winter Fun

Crystal (Lillehammer)

It´s all about winter fun and days with friends I met in bible school while I was in Lillehammer.

Though the winter is not yet over, it didn’t really matter since the cold never stopped from enjoying ourselves and having lots and lots of fun.

Now, it’s already March, yet still we have this white beautiful snowy view that makes you feel like it’s still Christmas.

I try and grab all and every opportunity to experience winter while I am here.

Winter Norway

(pink snow crystal)

Ritchelie :  Jar, Oslo

Winter in Norway

(2 + me = tree )


It is really an amazing journey to see this wonderful white winter land called Norway! I had never expected that I would experience this amazing place.

This is what it is like when you are surrounded with snow and ice. It’s fun and I will treasure my experiences forever.


Winter Fun

Gay L. (Hosle, Bærum)

I enjoy sledding a lot with friends, and taking pictures on the snowy roads 🙂 It’s amazingly beautiful to experience winter in Norway! This is the place where I found myself.

Winter Season in Norway

(Let it snow, let it snow!)

Russel L (Frogner, Oslo)

Winter Season in Norway

(Picture, please!)

In the winter I try to discover new things to do in nature, whenever I have the chance! I try different things  like finding frozen lakes to walk over, or sometimes I just following ski tracks just to see where they might lead.. 😉

Cathy R (Frogner Stadium

Staying home during the winter season in Norway can be dark and somewhat  depressing. The nights are long and days are short. So when the weather is perfect, go out and have some fun!

Winter Season in Norway

(Catch us if you can!)

Emman DC (Frognerseteren, Oslo)

Every winter season in Norway, the Au Pair center organizes a snow fun activity where all Au pairs gather and bond with each other. I didn’t miss this opportunity to join them. It’s a great way to build a network with international people while enjoying the snow!

Winter Season in Norway

(it’s super cold, but we’re staying cool)

Winter Season in Norway

(it’s Cold but still staying cool)


Makes you fly high!

Rc V (Norefjell)

It’s a beautiful sunny morning in an icy winter wonderland. A great way to say "goodbye" to a freezing cold winter season in Norway and say "hi" to a green and blossoming spring..Heia!

Winter Season in Norway

(flying high in Norway)

 Sarli (Bekkestua, Bærum)

Striking an epic pose on a snowy winter day in Norway, and having lots fun with friends! (by the way notice the shorts and tank top? you gotta be tough in Norway! )

Winter Norway


Winter Norway

(a day at snowy beach)



Picture Perfect View

Rg (Ålesund)

Going on a road trip during the winter season in Norway is really fascinating! It’s snow everywhere! 😉 This place is stunning during the summer and look at this now on winter, all covered with snow, how wonderful! 😉Winter Season in Norway

Winter Season in Norway

(it’s a lot colder than it looks )

Sharmaine : Fløya

Winter Season in Norway

(the perfect view)

Enjoying this marvelous and stunning view in Fløya. The winter season here in Norway is just picture perfect and breathtaking everywhere.

Jacky ( Bygdøy, Oslo)

I savor the moment to enjoy this view from my window. It’s already March but it looks more like a white Christmas here. Snow is everywhere coz winter is still here. Welcome to the Norwegian winter!

Winter Season in Norway (Bygdøy)

(winter white pastures)


Gå på tur (Go for a walk or a trip)

Mary S (Sirdal)

While on a school trip, "Oh winter wonderland, am I in love with you or am I in love with the feeling?"

Winter Season in Norway

(pure awesomeness)



Katrine J P (Lysejordet, Oslo)

Wandering around this freezing cold winter season in Norway inspires me to  take some epic photos, like this one 😉

Winter Season in Norway

(Feeling a little pinched)



Haakon (Oslo Vinterpark Tryvann)

When there is a lot of snow, it’s perfect to take my buddy for a nice walk in the park. She loves the snow so much!Winter Season in Norway

Do you wanna build a snowman?

Chime ( Bjørnsletta, Oslo)

I’m lucky and blessed to experience the country that inspired Disney’s “Frozen”. Here’s my first ever snowman and snowwoman. I built it together with my fabulous friends during my winter birthday in Norway, and it was so much fun!

Winter Season in Norway

(remember your scarf and your hat)


Medy G (Bærum)

They say "The first time is always the Best! Yes, that first time to see the white snow and first time to build my happy little SnowMan is always special.

Winter Season in Norway

(we all have our little secrets!)

Northern Lights

JC (Sjøholt, Ørskog)

Winter Season in Norway

(green psychedelic sky art)

When the sky is clear during the winter season in Norway we, once in awhile, get to experience this magical northern lights. People travel from all over to come to the northern part of Norway, just to experience these fabulous northern lights, but we have the pleasure of seeing this awe-inspiring show in the  night sky right outside our house. It’s so amazing!

Winter Season in Norway


Have you experience the winter season in Norway? What are your thoughts?

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  • my favorite photo is the one of you jumping very high! (Rc V (Norefjell))

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Haha yeah, love her picture too. Thanks for dropping by Betty! 😉

  • Wow! Looks like so much fun. Learning to ice skate is on my list of things to learn this summer. Great photos. Thanks for sharing. 😉

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Thanks! Ice skating is fun, but I’m always scared of losing my balance..

  • I know it will be freezing cold, and dark, most of the time during a winter in Norway but it sure looks like it’s a lot of fun too! And so pretty! I’d love to take a road trip through the snowy landscape and take a few photos 🙂

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Yeah, taking a road trip just a few minutes away from the city, you’ll see these snowy landscapes right away. It’s a real winter wonderland experience 😉

  • Really nice post and beautiful pictures 🙂 You really make me want to go in Norway next winter!!

    • Crizzy Kiss

      Thanks Flo! Let me know when you get here 😉

  • Travel Gretl

    Enjoying the snow, love it! I’ve only went south in winter (from the Netherlands, so Swiss and so on) but never north. Not in summer too actually! I would love to go and experience. Only thing in winter north: it’s getting dark so soon! 😉

    • Crizzy Kiss

      You’re right, that’s why for some people who have the chance, they escape the place during the winter days and go the tropics. And come back when the winter is over 😉

  • Norway is on my bucket list – mostly because of the Northern lights. Winter in Norway sure looks like fun and I cant wait to see the lights. One day I will make it 🙂 !

  • I think the now makes Norway look spectacular!

  • great to read about Norway. the northern lights is spectacular!

  • Melody Pittman

    Oh man that looks like so much fun but soooo cold. I swore after moving from a 4 season climate that I will avoid the snow at all costs in the future. Age does that to ya.

  • Do they have snowdays for school in Norway? Looks lovely, and cold! 🙂 We want to go to Norway next year, maybe in February or April…